Next Level Acoustics Releases Adapter Bracket for UM-1 Sonos Soundbar Mount – Home Theater Review

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Next Level Acoustics Releases Adapter Bracket for UM-1 Sonos Soundbar Mount

Next Level Acoustics has released its UM1-A adapter bracket, which is designed to mount a Sonos Arc soundbar directly to your display when paired with the company’s UM-1 bracket. The UM1-A is outfitted with tilt adjustment, which allows the soundbar’s Atmos drivers to remain unobstructed even when the display is tilted downward. The adapter bracket also supports both 300mm to 600mm VESA mounting patterns.

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Find out more about the UM1-A adapter below:

Next Level Acoustics, known for audiophile quality American-made custom-install speakers, Fusion soundbars and Elite Series enclosures, is now shipping their UM1-A adapter bracket for the SONOS ARC.

The UM1-A adapter attaches to our existing UM-1 bracket allowing for direct Height, Forward/Depth, and Tilt adjustment to the SONOS ARC itself ensuring that the Atmos drivers remain unobstructed.  Made of high-grade 11-gauge steel construction, this bracket attaches to the SONOS ARC using 18mm M5 bolts and applicable washers for a secure installation.

Features include:

    •  Pairs with the UM-1 bracket allowing you to mount the SONOS ARC directly to the display
    • Supports 300mm – 600mm VESA patterns
    • Provides full Height, Forward/Depth, and Tilt adjustment
    • Allows the Sonos ARC to mount to the bottom of the display while using the forward/depth adjustment to ensure that the ATMOS drivers/microphones remain unobstructed
    • Recommend mounting the SONOS ARC so that the grille on the top of the ARC clears the front edge of the display
    • Tilt Mount added feature – Normally when you tilt the display any directly mounted soundbar would also tilt at that same angle.  Because the UM1 has tilt adjustment, even though the display is tilted downwards the UM-1 allows the installer to level the Sonos ARC so that the Atmos drivers fire up at a 20-degree angle from a level plane
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