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The NEXTLEVEL ACOUSTICS REFERENCE CINEMA IN-WALL SPEAKERS AND HV18 SUBWOOFER produce better sound than any commercial cinema I’ve been to for less money than high-end cabinet speakers.

  • Super precise horn tweeters with wide dispersion.
  • Well balanced mid-range.
  • Easy to drive to high volumes.
  • CI-HV18 sub is incredibly clean and detailed.
  • Larger in-wall speakers with more bass extension.

There is nothing negative I can say about the NextLevel Acoustics Reference Cinema In-Wall Speakers and CI-HV18 Subwoofer. The in-walls perform better than most cabinet speakers I’ve heard, and the sub delivers the extension and volume of a ported cabinet with the precision of a sealed one. NextLevel Acoustics has bent the laws of physics here, most definitely in a good way.

If you want a discrete speaker system that sounds better than any commercial cinema, the In-Walls can literally disappear behind an acoustically transparent screen or behind color-matched grills. They are a zero-footprint solution. The CI-HV18 sub is easy to hide too thanks to its bandpass design. Put it up front behind a partition or along a side wall and prepare to have your room shaken.

The NextLevel Acoustics Reference Cinema In-Wall Speakers and HV18 Subwoofer are a premium and convenient audio solution that doesn’t compromise sound quality in any way, shape, or form. They receive my highest recommendation.

NextLevel Acoustics Fusion S3 Soundbar Provides Big Sound in Slender Package

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Next Level Acoustics Launches new Soundbar for Use with Samsung’s 2021 The Frame TV

Todd Anderson Todd Anderson 

Next Level Acoustics 2021 Fusion Frame Slim


The 2021 Samsung The Frame TV Gets a Soundbar to Match


Next Level Acoustics Drops Low Profile Soundbar

Next Level Acoustics Introduces New Sonos Arc Mounting Solution


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Next Level Acoustics Introduces New Sonos Arc Mounting Solution
Next Level Acoustics’s new Elite Enclosure for the Sonos Arc consists of an interior grooved reflector panel that both directs sound from the top-firing speaker out of the front-facing grille, as well as sound from the side-firing drivers toward the listening position. Available for 65-inch or greater displays, the Elite Enclosure is available in a matte or high-gloss piano black and has a removable magnetic grille made with a mesh weave. Dual cable access points make the Elite Enclosure user-friendly, and installation is simplified using either Next Level Acoustics’ UM1 bracket or other direct-to-wall mounting solutions.

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Here’s more info from Next Level Acoustics:

Next Level Acoustics, known for audiophile quality American-made custom-install speakers, Fusion soundbars and Elite Series enclosures, is now shipping their Elite Enclosure for the Sonos ARC for 65″+ displays.

The Elite Series for the Sonos ARC, created by the master engineers at Next Level Acoustics, combines all of the aesthetics and build quality you have come to expect from Elite enclosures (Playbar/Beam) with the added benefit of preserving Atmos performance. Due to the upward-firing Atmos speakers, a flush installation would normally cause the soundwaves to be impeded by the underside of the display making Atmos performance nearly impossible.  The Elite Series solves this issue by installing a precisely calculated grooved reflector panel that directs the upward-firing speaker’s soundwaves out the front-facing grille allowing for unobstructed Atmos functionality.  Not only will you be able to achieve a fully integrated flush installation, but you will also keep the integrity of Atmos performance while doing so.

Additional Audio Properties:

    • Side reflectors positioned inside the enclosure re-focus the Sonos ARC’s side-firing drivers back towards the listening position
    • Strategically placed sound dampening material significantly minimizes acoustics turbulence


    • 7.6″ h x 5.15″ d x custom length

Features include:

    • Available for 65″ displays and greater
    • High-gloss piano black / Matte Black (additional finishes available upon request)
    • Flush to the bottom of the display installation
    • Interior main reflector panel re-focusses top-firing speakers out the front-facing grille ensuring continued Atmos performance
    • Main reflector panel precisely engineered grooves direct the top firing speaker soundwaves away from the SONOS ARC without any reflection back
    • Side reflectors positioned inside the enclosure re-focus the Sonos ARC’s side-firing drivers back towards the listening position
    • Strategically placed sound dampening material
    • Elite Series tapered side profile
    • A removable magnetic grille is partially inset for additional structural integrity
    • Mesh weave grille material supports full IR passthrough
    • IR grille notches available free of charge
    • Dual cable management access points (top and back)
    • MDF and Baltic Birch construction
    • Streamlined installation using the UM1 bracket or direct to wall mounting options


Next Level Acoustics Launches Performance Laced Custom Enclosure for the SONOS ARC

Todd Anderson Todd Anderson 

(October 21, 2020) Premium customization is nothing new to Next Level Acoustics, and its latest targeted release proves the company has a knack for making great-looking products that value performance. The all-new Elite Series for Sonos ARC is being billed as Next Level’s “most engineered Elite Series enclosure to date” and can be purchased in Matte Black, High Gloss Piano Black, and a range of custom colors, veneers, and stain finishes.