Fusion Frame for the Samsung “The Frame” TV – Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity

Fusion Frame for the Samsung “The Frame” TV – Press Release

August 29, 2019

The Fusion Frame was created by the master engineers at Next Level Acoustics with only one goal in mind, provide a high-end framed audio solution for the 2019 edition Samsung “The Frame” series of displays.

Fusion Frame

At only 1.75″ of depth, not only does the Fusion Frame provide exceptional sound quality and room filling dynamics, but it perfectly complements the look and feel of what makes the Samsung “The Frame” series so popular. Choose from a variety of framing color options.

The Fusion Frame not only shares the same lines and beauty of the Samsung “The Frame” display, but also provides a dynamic two-channel and/or LCR audio solution. At only 1.75″ deep, this cutting-edge design incorporates a radical approach to internal air load management and driver construction. Our proprietary 4.5″ aluminum convex cone driver exhibits a unique and powerful rare earth neodymium motor system that promotes high acceleration and excursion, with ultra-low distortion. Simply put, where our competition has failed, Next Level Acoustics shines. The Fusion Frame delivers enhanced audio dynamics featuring a smooth linear midrange response with natural bass at a staggering 1.75″ deep.

  • Extraordinary acoustical dynamics and clarity
  • Proprietary driver and crossover configuration
  • Seamless framed finish to mimic the Samsung “The Frame” aesthetics
  • Ultra-low profile at 1.75″ depth
  • Flush wall pass-through mounting system
  • Flipped speaker terminal cups for easy cable management wiring access
  • 43″, 49″, 55″, 65″ (Stereo) / 55″ and 65″ (LCR)
  • Available in Black Plex (standard) or White lacquer maple (optional) frame finishes
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