The Fusion Series offers an array of LCR solutions to integrate into any viewing environment.

The Elite Series is our custom line of discreet soundbar enclosures for SONOS and other third-party brands.

Explore our full line of Custom Installer (“CI”) speakers.

  • Box Construction

    2-inch crown staples, filament packing tape, 1.5″ polyfoam, and 275 double wall cardboard construction drastically reduces the likelihood of damage.

  • Build

    Constructed of high-quality materials, drivers, and custom crossovers using state-of-the-art CNC machines.

  • Manufacturing

    Next Level Acoustics Fusion, Custom Installer, and Elite Series enclosures are manufactured in the United States out of our Connecticut location.

  • Warranty

    90 days on fit and finish, 2 years on amplifiers, and 5 years on all drivers.


“NextLevel Acoustic’s speakers and subs are a seamless integration of aesthetic and pro-audio sound quality that will drive this market to a higher standard. The personalized design of the Next Level Acoustic’s system to fit your custom audio needs is second to none.”

“After working with some of the industry’s most respected brands for many years now, we’ve been absolutely blown away by the quality of NextLevel Acoustics’ line of products and wholeheartedly endorse them as one of the best CI options available on the market today.”

“I was very impressed with my first listen of the new NextLevel Acoustics line of sealed enclosure architectural loudspeakers. The bass was deep and loud with lots of note definition, and it was well integrated into the rest of the sonic picture. The midrange was also smooth, which was highlighted by the clarity of the dialog it reproduced during several movie clips, and the top end was also extended without being shrill.” 

CI-HV10 – “Be ready to raise your expectations for other subs. It is quite simply, the best small sub I’ve ever heard!”

“I have setup several surround systems using these speakers and have been very impressed with the sound quality of these installations.  Based on their cost and performance I am currently recommending NextLevel Acoustics to my clients who are looking for high quality surround sound with in-wall installations.”

“Whether I was listening to Radiohead, Coltrane, Prokofiev, Oscar Peterson, or Bowie I was impressed with the large soundstage and effortless dynamics. At the suggested MSRP price-point, which is 2-3 times lower than anything close to its quality, this system is impressive!”

Fusion Reference Soundbar – “Given the choice between high-end bookshelves or this soundbar, I’d go with the Fusion Reference every day and twice on Sundays!”

“Listening to home theater and music through these speakers is a joy – the sound is stunningly crisp and clean.”

” I could not be happier with my decision to try the NextLevel in-walls. Sonically, they have been absolutely amazing so far. We are mostly movie watchers and the soundstage these have provided has been exceptional. I was concerned that switching from stand-alone speakers to in-walls would sacrifice my sound, boy was I wrong! These babies sing, I’m hearing things that went unnoticed before and I truly believe I have made a huge upgrade to our movie room”


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