Ultra-slim soundbar at only 1.98″ deep

Passive Soundbar System (requires amplification)


There was a time when the common belief was when it came to great home audio and surround sound, bigger was always better. Think about it- Who would not be impressed by a pair of five-foot-tall towers with speakers the size of serving platters?

These days, however, bold is often interpreted as offensive. In fact, many people seem to think that, in a reversal of the old adage, speakers should be heard and relatively not seen.

While family room televisions continue to grow in size (many spanning 65” and more!), they also continue to shrink in depth. In fact, many are meant to blend right into the aesthetics of the room creating an impressive picture with minimal side-profile footprint. Also, as more people continue to take their home theaters and surround sound systems out of the basement and into their main living areas, many movie buffs, sports fans, and even pure audiophiles are calling for comparably big sound from a more diminutive form factor.

Challenge accepted! NextLevel Acoustics has successfully answered the call with the Fusion Flat soundbar. Using proprietary convex drivers and crossovers, coupled with superior materials and over 30+ years of engineering prowess, NextLevel has literally achieved where others have failed.

At only 1.98″ of depth, the Fusion Flat delivers stunning aesthetics in an ultra-slim soundbar design that sonically punches well above its weight pleasing even the most discerning audio critics. 

Constructed to the exact width of your display, the Fusion Flat can either be mounted flush to the wall or directly to the display using Next Level Acoustic’s proprietary UM-1 bracket.

Searching for the perfect subwoofer pairing for the Fusion Flat?  Look no further, simply add the CI-IW10S subwoofer for superior low-end bass extension that fits into any standard 2×4 construction wall cavity.

Bigger may still be better for things like paychecks, ice cream sundaes, and television screens. However, as proven by the Fusion Flat by Next Level Acoustics, great things really do come in compact packages.

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