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The UM1-A provides direct Height, Forward/Depth, and Tilt adjustment to the Sonos® Arc itself ensuring that the Atmos drivers remain unobstructed.

** Supports 300mm to 600mm Display Vesa ONLY**

***Requires a minimum of 2.75″ from the back of the TV to the wall without the use of spacers in order to avoid the bracket hitting the wall***

Professional Installation Features:

  • Snug Fit – Independent height adjustment allows for a snug fit to the bottom of the display
  • Unobstructed Atmos – Use the forward/depth adjustment feature to position the Arc at least 2.75″ in front of the display.  A minimum of 2.75″ is required as the back of the embedded Arc Atmos drivers ends 2.75″ from the front of the ARC.  Best practice: ensure at a minimum that where the grille ends on the top of the Arc clears the front of the display
  • Change the Atmos Angle – Change the angle of the Atmos drivers using the tilt adjustment so you can dial in the Atmos effect based upon seating location
  • Doesn’t Engage the Sonos Arc Magnet – Since this is considered an “off-the-wall” mounting solution you do not want to engage the magnet on the back of the Sonos Arc. Engaging the magnet would make the Sonos Arc think that it was mounted to the wall changing its performance, which in this case the Sonos Arc is not mounted to the wall when using the UM1-A
  • Hide the Power Cord – Unlike an on-wall mount that requires a cord cover to hide the power cord due to electrical code restrictions, the UM1-A allows the power cord to stay hidden when running from the Sonos Arc to behind the display
  • Mounting your TV and Arc to a tilt mount, no problem!  Normally when you tilt the display any directly mounted soundbar would also tilt at that same angle.  Because the UM-1 has tilt adjustment, even though the display is tilted downwards the UM-1 allows the installer to re-level the Sonos® Arc so that the Atmos drivers fire upwards (20 degrees) from a level plane