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The Cinema Series, comprised of our flagship Reference Cinema and Pro Cinema in-wall / on-wall speakers, features a uniquely compact high-output design delivering reference level surround sound dynamics to medium and large size rooms. The proprietary high transfer crossover optimizes three premium drive units consisting of a single 4×4 compression horn flanked by dual 8” carbon wool composite bass midrange drivers (quad drivers Pro model). Simply put, the Cinema Series line of speakers produce a uniform sound intensity with superior intelligibility, silky smooth multi-axis response, and a wide (60-degree) listening window from the seated position.  

With a reference sensitivity of 96dB (99db Pro model), the easy-to-drive reactive impedance optimizes its use with mid to high-end receivers and/or amplifiers. This unit comes fully back boxed, made of MDF, to ensure that whatever is in your wall has zero effect on its performance.

Don’t have 2×6 construction? No problem. The Reference Cinema Slim modification allows the speaker to fit into 2×4 construction using a partial in-wall mounting system. The speaker has a 3/4″ collar that goes around the outside of the speaker. This allows the speaker to mount into standard 2×4 construction leaving only a 2″ deep finished profile on the wall. Now you have the performance of a cinema grade speaker in an ultra thin form factor that looks like a small acoustic panel floating on the wall. 

The Cinema Series is the ultimate solution for delivering high-impact cinematic sound in an ultra-streamlined form factor. Choose from a wide variety of standard and custom finishes, grille fabrics, and formats. 


Dual 8” Carbon Wool Drivers / Quad 8″ Carbon Wool Drivers (Pro version)

Proprietary compression horn tweeter

MDF back box

Ultra-wide dispersion


Multi-axis response

ultra-low distortion (< 0.1%)

Max SPL 118 dB @ 2M / 122 dB @ 2M (Pro version)

Choice of standard and custom grille fabrics

Available as an in-wall (2×6 construction), on-wall, or partially recessed (2×4 construction)

What the experts are saying:

Technical Analysis / Specs Reference Cinema

This graph shows the semi-far field output at 1 meter on axis with a 5ms time window to eliminate reflections. The results demonstrate a uniform response within 2 dB from 300 Hz center line up to 16 kHz indicating an even energy distribution. Above 16 kHz, the measurement mic is down 2 dB for an averaged +(-) 2 dB to 20 kHz.

The step response shows a clean upward transition to a right triangle indicating an extremely smooth transition path from the horn tweeter to the dual 8″ mid-bass units. This implies that all 3 drivers are fully in sync capable of generating a frontal wave launch with extremely high output and efficiency.

This graph shows the in room, free standing, near field energy with an open time window for maximum frequency resolution, without any boundary reinforcement. The results of our measurements demonstrate an overall smooth response with extraordinarily low distortion less than 1% to 80 Hz.

Jiles McCoy

Reference Cinema Series Review