The Fusion Reference Soundbar is our flagship 3-channel on-wall bar speaker system intended for 75″ or larger televisions or projector displays.

fusion series soundbar


The FUSION SOUNDBAR delivers high-end acoustic performance at any amplification power level. Sizes start at 48″ up to 74″ long. Custom sizes and colors are available!

The Fusion Reference Bookshelf is a high performance ported speaker system employing a state-of-the-art crossover, drive units, cabinet materials, and interior coatings.


The Fusion Cinema Trio modular system, consisting of individual Left, Right and Center channel modules, offers an upgraded alternative to our all-in-one Fusion Soundbar.



The Fusion LR-CC is a 2 piece system designed to mounted vertically on either side of the TV monitor. The top section (WTW) represents the L-R mains, while the bottom section (TW) acts as half of the Center Channel. The totality of its construction provides an amplified width of sound stage. as well as an upgraded midbass perspective centered in the male voice region.



The Fusion LCR-M modular system, consisting of individual Left, Center and Right channel modules, offers an upgraded alternative to our all-in-one Fusion LCR soundbar. Dedicated sound modules produce an expanded sound stage and midbass pass band response. In addition, the Center module provides enhanced far field radiated power and clarity.

Designed for multi-channel surround sound and music applications,  the Fusion Angled Satellite is a small form factor high output system  capable of a sustained linear response room filling output.