Custom modular soundbar


Modular LCR surround sound

Passive Soundbar System (requires amplification)

Do you want to up your television’s audio game but you’re not keen on single solution soundbars?

Perhaps you are a more traditional surround-sound aficionado who wants to wean off large, bulky speaker cabinets (and thereby save floor space) but does not yet trust one soundbar to do all the work.

Well, while NextLevel Acoustics has plenty of soundbar solutions that produce exceptional surround sound performance in compact formats, they also offer an amazing trio of speakers that can be positioned around and attached directly to your television (regardless of screen size!), allowing you to achieve an even wider soundstage capable of high-end multi-channel surround sound distributed across three compact separate speakers.

The Fusion Cinema Trio is a modular LCR speaker system that consists of individual left, right and center channel modules (LCR), all of which are meant to be mounted on the sides (Left and right channels) and below (center channel) the television. The Cinema trio has various mounting options including wall mount and direct to display options creating a designer focused integrated look.

The dedicated sound modules featured in the Fusion Cinema Trio package produce an expanded sound stage and mid-bass passband response (even when compared to some of Nextlevel Acoustics’ award-winning soundbars and other options) and are the perfect choice for the directionally-discerning listener. Furthermore, the center module provides enhanced far-field radiated power and clarity, making the total sound experience even richer!

While many other speaker manufacturers offer LCR surround sound systems, the quality and attention to audio engineering fails in comparison to the NextLevel Acoustics’ Fusion Cinema Trio. 

So if you want to enjoy large format sound while avoiding the pedestrian quality (or lack thereof) found in so-called home theater systems at big box stores, get ready to elevate your sound experience with this small but mighty speaker solution from NextLevel Acoustics.