Only 2.95″ of total height w/ tapered ends

Stock 55″, 65″, and 75″ TV models available for quick ship

Passive Soundbar System (requires amplification)


With today’s displays preferred placement over a fireplace, fitting a high-performance soundbar below the TV is a constant struggle due to height restrictions.  These issues are now a thing of the past whenever height is a concern- Introducing the Fusion S3 by Next Level Acoustics. With an overall height of only 2.95″, the Fusion S3 delivers high-end performance in an ultra-short form factor with beautifully tapered ends.  Its 3-channel ported design, using superior quality 2.5″ drivers, and textured front surface minimizing high-frequency reflections puts this soundbar into a class of its own.

We offer the Fusion S3 in three stock sizes for quick ship – Fusion S3 – 55 (48.8″ wide), Fusion S3 – 65 (56.9″ wide), and Fusion S3 – 75 (65.9″ wide) in high gloss black, as well as various custom options including: Stereo versus LCR, custom width, IR grille notch badges, colors and finishes  Ask your local Next Level Acoustics dealer for more information.