• Only 2.95″ of total height w/ tapered ends
  • Ported Design
  • Passive Slim Soundbar (requires amplification)


Featured in CePro Magazine: Review Link

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The Fusion S3 fits where most soundbars do not

It’s a Sunday afternoon and, as usual, the game is on.

Your family is settled in on the sofa, watching their brand new mammoth TV screen.

It takes up half the wall, but they are happy.

That is until…


“What’s the matter, Honey? Did the other team score?”

“No, it’s this darn TV!”

“Darn TV? We spent two month’s rent on that thing!”

“I know, but the sound is HORRIBLE!”

“Well that’s because the screen is so ridiculously big, there was no room left for speakers.”

Yes- You used up all your wall space on a TV big enough to see your favorite ball players sweat, but now have no room left for speakers.

Fear not!

This is no ordinary soundbar!

The Fusion S3 slim passive soundbar by NextLevel Acoustics is less than three inches tall and still delivers high-end performance in a compact and artistic package.

With three channels, powerful 2.5″ drivers, and a textured front surface that minimizes high-frequency reflections, the Fusion S3 is in a class of its own.

It is also offered in a variety of custom widths – from the ultra-short (49”  displays) through the ultra-large (100” displays) – to fit any screen or décor. So even if your set is over the fireplace, the sound will be “on-fire”!

Let’s get custom

If you want to further customize, the Fusion S3 may be purchased as either a 2-channel stereo or full LCR (Left-Center-Right) soundbar and comes in an assortment of colors and finishes including our standard high-gloss black.  Want to mount your Fusion S3 flush to the bottom of the display but you have one of those IR badges sticking down from the bottom of the TV? No Problem – we offer the option for a custom IR badge notch in the speaker grille tailored specifically to the make and model of your display.  The grille will now perfectly wrap around that pesky IR badge so that you can achieve a truly streamlined and flush installation. All of these options are beautiful to both the eyes and ears.

Custom speakers doesn’t mean long build times

The S3 can also be delivered fast so you will never miss the crack of the bat, snap of the snare, or roar of a monster again.