Passive Soundbar System (requires amplification)


You just picked up your brand new, 4K smart television that fits perfectly in the custom-made entertainment center you designed around it.

Unfortunately, most of the soundbars out there are either too short, too wide, or the wrong color which detracts from the aesthetics that you are trying to achieve.

The Fusion Soundbar 4.5 is constructed to perfectly match the exact width of your display down to 1/16 of an inch allowing you to achieve a seamless look. In addition, many of the major television manufacturers place an infrared or logo badge on the bottom edge of the television.  While under normal circumstances this would inhibit your soundbars ability to mount flush to the bottom of the television, not with our Fusion Soundbar 4.5.  When this situation arises, our speaker grilles are engineered to wrap around this protrusion creating a truly integrated look, without disrupting any of its functionality.  Looking for even more customization? Choose from a wide variety of speaker configurations (3-Channel LCR, 2-Channel Stereo, Center Channel Only), as well as finishes including stains, veneers, as well as custom paint match options.

Let’s talk about required amplification.  Long gone are the days of needing to pair your soundbar with an overly expensive amplifier.  The Fusion Soundbar 4.5 utilizes Impedance Optimized Soundbar (IOSB) technology that makes it possible to achieve high sound pressure levels with low- to moderate-level amplifiers delivering high-end acoustic performance at any amplification power level. IOSB also minimizes the impedance “swings” between inductive and capacitive values that most soundbar speakers suffer from that diminish the attached amplifier’s full output capacity, allowing the Fusion Series 4.5 to play at high-intensity levels with low distortion and minimal power.

When you want a custom soundbar that fits your television, your décor, your lifestyle, and your desire for high-quality audio, look (and listen) no further than the Fusion Soundbar 4.5 from NextLevel Acoustics.