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Next Level Acoustics Projection Screens Expand Company’s Product Line

Robert Archer · March 22, 2018
Starting with a line of speakers and audio accessories, the newly announced Next Level Acoustics Projection Screens line expands the company’s offerings into the video category.

Next Level Acoustics’ “Screen Collection” is designed to provide professional integrators with a choice of projection screens that offer a high “price and performance” ratio.

The Massachusetts-based A/V manufacturer says the product line includes a range of materials such as matte white, acoustically transparent, and ambient light rejecting (ALR) capabilities. Next Level Acoustics says that its new products are available with .4-inch slim bezels, and integrators can specify the screens in either 1.78:1 widescreen or 2.35:1 CinemaScope aspect ratios.

In addition, Next Level Acoustics says the projection screens come standard with LED lighting kits that include remotes.

A Closer Look at the Next Level Acoustics Projection Screens

Next Level Acoustics’ new line of video-projection screens include a choice of four models that support 4K and 8K resolutions, and the company emphasizes the products are only available through authorized dealers. These options include:

Classic White:

  • Classic white 1.0 gain
  • Texture-free screen surface
  • Designed to minimize image graininess and projector hot spotting
  • The screen is said to produce a wide viewing angle

Ambient Light Rejection:

  • Contrast enhancement as high as 95 percent in high- and low-ambient light environments
  • According to Next Level Acoustics, the screen minimizes hot spotting, while also deflecting ambient light
  • Texture-free surface helps the screen to produce high levels of sharpness and resolution
  • Next Level Acoustics says the ambient light rejecting screen enables perfect pixel geometry
  • The screen supports wide viewing angles


  • Next Level Acoustics states the Cineweave produces “virtually zero audio attenuation” through its high density of perforations per square inch
  • The perforated material is “rotated” to eliminate moire
  • Screen includes acoustically transparent backing material
  • texture-free surface
  • No hot spotting or grainy images

Ambient Light Rejecting Acoustically Transparent Combination Screen:

  • Provides high levels of light rejection
  • low levels of audio attenuation
  • Material design eliminates moire
  • The combination screen produces wide viewing angle
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