CI-HV10 and CI-HV12

The CI-HV10 and CI-HV12 are high velocity subwoofers that offer a new level of bass enjoyment with significant advantages over industry standard sealed and vented designs. The key to their performance is a two-chamber tuning system that affects both the front and back of the active woofer cone. The back chamber acts as a governor providing a sealed air restorative force that prevents power robbing ultra-low frequency decoupling (subsonic “run away”), while the front/vented portion does the actual tuning and is responsible for delivery of bass into the room. This two-part tuning mechanism provides more precise power management and constant bandwidth over conventional open-faced subwoofers (nearly 50%), while adding almost 40% greater efficiency. The thermal tolerance of the woofer’s voice coil now becomes the output limiting factor, rather than excess excursion issues, common with open-faced sealed and vented subwoofers. A single 4″ flared vent (dual on the HV12), with less than 12 grams of actual moving air mass, creates a super-fast, responsive, low frequency shock wave that energizes the room and is more faithful to the input signal than slower conventional open-faced subwoofers. This provides a higher level of detailed bass at nearly 5X the speed. The CI-HV10/HV12 is simply faster, tighter and more faithful to the input signal.

Canons, depth charges, gunshots, drums, string bass and explosions have high-definition realism and authority. In addition, there is a 6 dB overall increase in dynamic headroom. This means that the HVS system can go nearly twice as loud without distortion!

Our 10” and 12″ drivers with 700-watt amps beat competitor offerings with a 13” woofer and 1000 watts!