The Elite Series for the Sonos® Arc, created by the master engineers at NextLevel Acoustics, combines all of the aesthetics and build quality you have come to expect from Elite enclosures (Playbar/Beam) with the added benefit of preserving Atmos performance. Due to the upward-firing Atmos speakers, a flush installation would normally cause the soundwaves to be impeded by the underside of the display making Atmos performance nearly impossible.  The Elite Series solves this issue by installing a precisely calculated grooved reflector panel that directs the upward-firing speaker’s soundwaves out the front-facing grille allowing for unobstructed Atmos functionality.  Not only will you be able to achieve a fully integrated flush installation, but you will also keep the integrity of Atmos performance while doing so.

Additional Audio Properties:

  • Side reflectors positioned inside the enclosure re-focus the Sonos® Arc’s side-firing drivers back towards the listening position
  • Strategically placed sound dampening material significantly minimizes acoustic turbulence

To say that this is the most engineered Elite Series enclosure to date is truly an understatement.